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The Island of Santorini

The island where most poets sang. A history lasting more than 4000 years. Even the rock standing powerfull in the ocean holds tight keeping secure Atlantis secrets.

In the deep blue waters of the Aegean lies one of the biggest jewels in the world. Santorini took the breathtaking form it has today 3000 years ago when the volcano erupted and split the island in two, giving it without stint an almost eerie but unique beauty. There are a lot of reasons for the visitor to wander around this magnificent island with the somehow peculiar architecture, rich history and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Caldera, the island’s landmark, with the unique view and the houses built there, will take your breath away, charm and captivate you for ever.

Everything about Santorini is one of a kind…

Today, Santorini is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. It naturally combines the cosmopolitan element with simplicity and offers a range of choices that meet every demand. Surely, the visitor will admire the sunset in Oia, wander in the busy cycladic alleys and pay a visit at the musseum at Fira. However, what someone must not overlook is to relish a bath in the sulphurous water of Kammeni and swim in Perissa, Perivolos, in the Red and the White Beach of Acrotiri. What’s more, the island has rich gastronomic pleasures to offer and is celebrated for a broad range of wines.

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