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Island Map

Here are directions on how to arrive to Marizan Caves & Villas.

By Bus:

After boarding on the bus to Oia you will dismebark at the Oia bus station .Oia’s bus station  is located very close to our hotel. It is a walkable distance approximately 10 minutes walking but if you come on foot it could be little tiring while carrying your luggage because of rough terrain and few steps. You could follow either the main road or the traditional paths.Our property is located at KYKLOS area & next to Lioyerma Cafe/Swimming Pool (from the side of caldera).

By your own vehicle:

You will take the main road and follow the signs to Oia. You will pass the bus station and after 500m you will  see the municipality building of Oia. You should then turn right and take the road to Ammoudi bay and Katharos beach. (there is sign).After 50m you will see a large parking area on the right side of the road. You can either park there or go inside the stone road (KYKLOS area).Unfortunately there is no road (for the car) to get in Marizan. So you will have to leave your car to the free parking next to Lioyerma Cafe with the swimming pool.It would be better if you could call us before your arrival so we can be prepared for your welcome and help you with your luggage.The bellboy will be waiting for you at the parking area.


Please find attached the map which will help you to get to Marizan Caves & Villas.


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